25.07.2019 The Annette Collection SONET LUXE

Фото - The Annette Collection SONET LUXE

Fluid and grace flowers make a space bigger in visual way. Detailed embossing makes touchable shape and thin color transfusion makes it much better with light glosses. The contrast of quiet background which is visually scabrous, and glance colors in this pattern makes a deep base effect. In some of color options this effect becomes even deeper because of color shadow, which duplicates pattern.

This collection is created in 6 color combinations of different saturation. There are 6 color-match backgrounds each of them repeats difficult pattern of motif. There are perfect balance in combination of soft&tight natural colors in the base and rhombic pattern with rounded shapes, which stamped with pearl gloss.

 «SONET LUXE», «Annette», series Е392ХХ, Е393ХХ. Hot-stamped wallpaper. Roll size: 1,06 м х 10 м.



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