13.01.2017 New wallpaper collection under the brand name “Melody” – “Gerda”

Photo - New wallpaper collection under the brand name “Melody” – “Gerda”
“Gerda” is the new wallpaper collection produced in the factory of the company “Elysium”, under the brand name “Melody”, series: 975ÕÕ, 976ÕÕ. Vinyl paper based wallpapers are produced in inhibition manner. Roll size is 0.53 x 10m.
Wallpaper pattern – vivid flowers on the background of chaotically placed squares. The insertions bring together different textures. Flowers depiction is performed with smooth gradients and realistically developed details.
Wallpapers are hung without matching the pattern, which can save the wallpaper wastes and simplify the process of hanging. The collection is produced in bright and trending colors. “Gerda” is the collection of wallpapers that fill the interior with color and festive atmosphere.
Wallpapers under the brand name “Melody” are distributed by the following dealers:
Individual entrepreneur Bezuglaya A.V. – Krasnodar city
Company MPK – Moscow city
LLC “Torgopt” – Moscow city
Individual entrepreneur Kulchenko V.N. – Volgograd city
LLC PKF “BasS” – Novosibirsk city.
You can have a look at the new collection at our website in the category “Catalogue”.

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