30.01.2017 New wallpaper collection under the brand name “Melody” – “Floral Damask”.

Photo - New wallpaper collection under the brand name “Melody” – “Floral Damask”.

We are happy to introduce our new wallpaper collection

“Floral Damask” under the new brand name “Melody”, series: Å664ÕÕ, Å665ÕÕ, Å666ÕÕ. Vinyl non-woven based wallpapers produced in hot embossing manner. Roll size is 1.06 x 10m
Floral design. Background and curls bring in the design classical manner. Smooth gradient and pattern volume bring beauty and elegance into it. Glamorous shine attracts attention, surface glistens and gleams under light. Delicately developed embossing emphasizes the pattern. Due to companion designs it became possible to highlight the accents.
The collection is produced in noble and sober colors that emphasize the design elegance. “Floral Damask” is the wallpaper collection for luxurious interiors.
Wallpapers under the brand name “Melody” are distributed by the following dealers:
Individual entrepreneur Bezuglaya A.V. – Krasnodar city
Company MPK – Moscow city
LLC “Torgopt” – Moscow city
Individual entrepreneur Kulchenko V.N. – Volgograd city
LLC PKF “BasS” – Novosibirsk city
You can have a look at the new collection at our website in the category “Catalogue”.

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