GC Elysium produces and sells wallpaper products. Elysium has been in the market of finish materials since 1995. Our own production was launched in 2006. The first product was the vinyl wallpapers of 0.53m width. In 2010 Elysium has expanded the production by means of mounting new equipment of English manufacturers, worldwide-known in this industry, such as Laserflex and Emerson&Renwick. Due to this fact, the wallpapers of 1.06m width have appeared in the range of Elysium products, including paintable wallpapers, flock textured wallpapers, wallpapers that imitate decorative plaster and other different coatings.
All in all Elysium has made a long path of development just in few years: creation of considerable production and development of several dozens of different wallpaper collections. Currently our production facilities include the most advanced European equipment, which provides means of producing wallpapers of the highest quality.
Modern technologies have been learned and used as well as the production of 0.53m and 1.06m width wallpapers in the categories of:
-          silk screen printing/serigraphy
-          hot embossing
-          inhibition
-          screen printing
Range of products, which is more than 1000 items, is permanently renewed. Currently wallpaper collections under the brand name Elysium are produced in different styles: from the classic style to avant-garde. There is a professional design-studio working in the company, besides this “Elysium” is cooperating with the foreign designers. This provides the opportunity to create aesthetically expressive wallpaper products in accordance with the latest market tendencies.
Wallpapers produced by Elysium are sold all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and are in a sustained demand. The customers point out the following features in our wallpapers:
-          unique designs
-          actual color scores
-          the highest quality of production, respected as the market leaders
-          competitive prices
All wallpaper products by Elysium are produced of the best materials on the modern European production lines. This proves the highest quality of the products under the brand name “Elysium”. The quality of these wallpapers is confirmed in Compliance Certificates and sanitary codes of the Russian Federation. Over and over our wallpapers get the rave reviews and high grades from lead Russian and European experts in wallpaper industry.
“Elysium” company is constantly developing, participates in fairs and contests. Many people point out the rampant development of the factory as well as our growth. To become the best in this industry is our central goal. Fluid approach in work with the partner allows Elysium to do mutually-profitable business and contribute to the development of Russian production industry.
The products produced by Elysium are distributed by Trade Firm Elysium. The head office is located in Berdsk city (Novosibirsk region) and its branches in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. You may send request to our managers to any of the offices and purchase the wallpapers wholesale directly from the manufacturer.