24.04.2017 New wallpaper collection “Milonga”

Photo - New wallpaper collection “Milonga”
Company “Elysium” shall be happy to present the new wallpaper collection “Milonga”, series: Ċ750ĠĠ, Ċ751ĠĠ. Vinyl non-woven based wallpapers produced in the screen printing manner. Roll size is 1.06m x 10m.
Abstract design. Big curls form even pattern that transform the walls of any interior. Curls have smooth color transitions from light in the center to dark in the edges, which creates the feeling of pattern volume. A single-color background of the companion design allows to make accents when decorating the room.
Glossy surface of the pattern is effectively emphasized by soft matte single-color background. Shine gives a special charm to the wallpapers. The collection is performed in trending variants.
Decorative abstract design with smooth delicate lines creates the unique image of modern interior.
 You can have a look at the new collection at our website in the category Catalogue”.


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