21.04.2017 New wallpaper collection “Olivia”

Photo - New wallpaper collection “Olivia”
Trade Firm “Elysium” shall be happy to introduce the new wallpaper collection “Olivia”, series 267ÕÕ, 268ÕÕ. Vinyl paper based wallpapers produced in the hot embossing manner. Roll size is 0.53m x 10m.
Wallpaperdesignclassicaldamask. The pattern in not contrast, a little bit lighter than the background in respect of color hue. The wallpaper will be a great background for the interior design items. The wallpaper texture looks alike with the textile surface. Golden and silver ink create depth and saturation, emphasize the triumphant nature of the design.
“Olivia” – is the collection of beautiful wallpapers for luxurious and cozy rooms.

You can have a look at the new collection at our website in the category Catalogue”.




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