24.04.2017 New wallpaper collection Milonga

Elegant abstract ornament of curls produced to transform the walls and creates the unique image of interior. One-meter width wallpapers with beautiful texture and shine.>>

21.04.2017 New wallpaper collection Olivia

Damask pattern and luxurious texture. For classical and cozy interiors.>>

21.04.2017 New wallpaper collection Chantal

Beautiful background wallpaper with textile texture creating coziness. Gorgeous floral pattern.


Elysium have been producing vinyl wallpapers under the brand name Elysium since 2006. Elysium possess the most modern European production equipment.
Melody wallpapers are produced by the factory Elysium and meet all the quality standards. Melody wallpapers are distributed by our dealers.
Let us introduce to you our Sonet wallpapers. It is a result of a collaborative work of the European bureau from Belgium that creates trends and factory Elysium.